How much is poor performance costing your business?

Having a poor performing employee is unfortunately one of those bridges most businesses will have to face at some stage. In fact in 2013, businesses nationally reported that poor performance cost them more than $6 billion*, with this number only increasing in recent years.

Whether it was a poor hire or an experienced employee who has become complacent, dealing with the poor performer is often a conversation many managers and business owners feel ill-equipped to adequately have.

Making the scenario worse, the fear of handling it wrong, and being exposed to unfair dismissal or other claims often leads to the issue not being resolved and being left to fester.

Based upon an independent survey done by Robert Half consulting in 2018 of Human Resources managers, 23% of companies witnesses significant reductions in staff morale whilst 19% incurred significant additional costs.

With employees being so critical to the health of every business, are you and your business prepared for your next difficult conversation?

To help better prepare businesses for this challenge, ElevateHR will be running a targeted workshop focusing on equipping small to medium sized businesses on how to correctly identify and address the issue.

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* Analysis conducted by Axcelerate